Youtreints team members are experts in Genetics so you don’t have to be

Leading geneticist worked on decoding the human genome almost 2 decades ago.  Some of these same geneticists are members of the DNA Company’s team. They were among the first people to discover variations in human genes called copy number variations (CNVs) which have profound effects on human health.

After decoding the human genome the team members were not limited to important academic research.  They worked in clinical practice, across the world, with varying health conditions from:​

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease, diabetes, obesity
  • Alzheimers
  • ​Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Autisim
  • Lyme disease, CFS, fibromyalgia, MCS
  • ​Hormonal imbalances and anti-aging

As time passed and research developed their team began to understand how genetic variations impacted health and influenced the risk of disease.  They soon learned that these genetic variations can be used to prevent and fight disease. ​

More research and clinical experience followed and they quickly realized that these genetic variations interacted 

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with nutrients ​and food.  Hundreds of research and clinical studies confirm this point.

​​The DNA Company tested the

genes of over 2000 people

The impact that genetic variations had on health and disease risk led their team to test the genes of over 2000 people.  Seeing them face to face in the clinic giving them personalized dietary and supplement plans customized to work with their gene profiles. 

They saw the health of their patients dramatically improve because they were implementing health solutions for their unique genetic profile. There was no more guess work about what might or might not work. 

Often their patients tried all sorts of health treatments both conventional and alternative. They worked with everyone:

  • Very ill children

  • Overworked executives

  • Stay at home parents

  • Even elite professional sport stars

The results were always the same optimized health and performance using supplements and natural nutritional interventions that interacted with genetic variations we all possess. 

​designing the perfect supplement for you

because One size filts all seldom works

  • Sometimes the supplements were of low quality such that they didn’t work.
  • Sometimes the form of vitamin was wrong (i.e.: There are different types of B12 and the different types work in different ways for different genetic variations). 
  • Sometimes the amount of vitamins was simply too much or too little.  
  • While other times clinicians simply struggled to get the exact formula needed because a one size fits all supplement is unable to take into account an individual's gender, height, weight and genetic predispositions.  

A supplement that is an exact fit for

your gene profile - no more guess work

Then they got an idea.  If your genes are unique then your diets, exercise routines and nutrients should also be unique or rather an exact fit for your genes.  The team already had masses of research clinical data showing that nutrients interacted with genes to prevent illness.  So the next stage was to develop customized supplements based off a person's genes, height, weight and sex.

youtrience was born

They invested heavily in their in house laboratory manufacturing facility, as they don’t outsource their manufacturer process.  Pretty soon they had suppliers, of the world finest raw materials, knocking on their door and Youtrience was born.  

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