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My own health crisis due to toxic mold exposure that triggered a lyme flare which was soon followed by a hashimoto's thyroiditis diagnosis is how I learned that the preventative/primary care insurance model (with its long list of restrictive insurance "cost saving" rules) fails to properly diagnose and treat these types of chronic and complex health condition(s). The reason for this is because the preventative/primary care insurance model either didn't acknowledge the condition(s) and/or do not know how to diagnose and/or treat said condition(s).  

Thankfully I discovered a growing number of amazing medical professionals who became disillusioned with that system so they broke away from using the preventative/primary care insurance model.  However, these forward thinking functional/holistic medical professionals charged a premium upfront, which can absolutely be worth it, BUT I quickly learned (and this is my BIG sticking point) that the high premium I eagerly paid did not mean I would in turn receive good quality and competent care. It was then that I realized something bigger than me was going on.


Health care costs, for a fair share of individuals, has become an unaffordable but necessary luxury.  Many who are too disabled to work are left without a licensed health care professional who will treat them.  Especially when the preventative/primary care insurance model throws their hands up in the air when presented with chronic and complex conditions that they don't acknowledge and/or understand. 

In the same breath many of my clients (who have hired 10+ practitioners in a 3-10 year period) have shared troubling stories of poor standard of care in the functional/holistic realm which led them to jump from one licensed health care provider to the next. In my personal experience and opinion this poor standard of care is squarely rooted in providers taking on more patients than is humanly possible to manage.  This gravely compromises the overall quality of care, stresses the patient and can cause some people to relapse, plateau or even develop new symptoms. 


The functional/holistic realm has been, and still currently is, like the wild wild west with more and more conventional doctors transitioning over into the more lucrative functional/holistic realm.  With chronic illness hitting all time record highs there is no shortages of patients who are in need of help and who are willing to pay.  During this wild wild west like time seemingly anything goes (with how a chronically ill persons care is managed) at the expense of the chronically ill persons time, emotional wellbeing, and wallet.

It definitely takes time to find a well adjusted functional/holistic health care provider... but they most definitely are out there, in the trenches, and they are running amazing practices.  The great practitioners out there are the ones who know, without a doubt, the experience of being their patient IS a critical part of the treatment/healing process... and the best practitioners take extreme measures to make the patients experience the number one priority because they know if it isn't a good experience the added stress on the patient has the ability to undo all their good work.


The preventative care/insurance model has ghosted most patients with chronic complex conditions while handing out a psychosomatic diagnosis (which is code for "we don't know what we are doing or what to do with you") and a RX for an antidepressant.

Yet when hiring a functional/holistic medical professional, if a competent professional has not been chosen, the quality of care can be extremely unpredictable, emotionally draining, time consuming and a huge financial drain... leaving many feeling like they are flushing money straight down the toilet!  


Some of the paragraphs above mention topics which are taboo subjects that popular health/fitness professionals, coaches, podcasters and gurus refuse to broach or discuss... but this dialogue needs to be openly discussed ASAP in order for all of us (functional/holistic licensed health care professionals, patients, health coaches/consultants etc...) to work together to figure out better solutions.  Even if it feels a little unpleasant and/or uncomfortable at first... I know in my heart that the end results will be worth it for everyone and that great things will happen if we are all willing to put a little light on these topics.


As patients we must learn to advocate for ourselves by tuning into our bodies and communicating our exact expectations to providers we hire (before hiring them and throughout the working relationship).  After completing my practitioner training with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (this is my affiliate link as I endorse and highly recommend this course) I was more in tune with my body and more confident guiding my team of medical professionals which improved the overall quality of care I received.  If a medical professional was unwilling to talk to me or listen to my questions (since I am paying them and they work for me... not the other way around) I fired them, proceeded to learn how to do various things I wanted to try without them and/or located another medical professional who was more competent, open and relevant with the times. 


If you have a chronic illness having a licensed medical professional you trust on your team is critical.  A health consultant like myself or a health coach is simply not enough.  With that said my goal is to help you to experience the best quality of care possible with your chosen licensed medical professional.  I am able to do this by helping you research the condition(s)/treatments important to you which will allow you to communicate better with your team.  Additionally, I am able to help you order labs you think are important, if you are having problems getting them, to take to your appointments to discuss with your team.  Being as knowledgeable as possible can help you to better direct your team of medical professionals so you get what you want and need from them.

Thus far all the clients I have worked with are extremely knowledgable about their condition(s), very independent and have their own specific thoughts on what they want their health care to look like.  My role is to assist you to reach your goals, down the path you determine is right for you, and to do it in the manner that suits you best. 


I have always been drawn to working with individuals who want to learn how to help themselves and RHG provides the opportunity to make that happen.  I am looking forward to assisting you on your unique health journey helping you find your N=1.


Betsy Maldonado FDN-P

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