Wellness Coaching

1. Complimentary Protocol Review Consult (Biofilm Buster Overview)

In this 30 min session we will learn about the broad spectrum applications of Biocidin, and support formulas, to address:  Gut dysbiosis (SIBO, H Pylori, GERD etc.), toxic mold illness, Lyme and chronic illnesses that are hard to label or diagnose.‚Äč 

2. Intensive Wellness Coaching (Existing Clients Only)

1 hour weekly/monthly session, troubleshooting, updates and Q&A.

3. Financial Hardship sliding Scale Fee (For Those Dealing With Invisible Illness)

Are you on disability, unable to work and need a sliding scale fee or better yet pay what you can afford? Set up a complimentary 30 min session, review key issues and get back on track.

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