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My own health crisis was the beginning of experiencing how the preventative/primary care insurance model (with its long list of restrictive insurance "cost saving" rules) failed to provide any kind of relief/resolution with my own chronic and complex health condition(s) because they either didn't acknowledge my condition(s) and/or did not know how to diagnose or treat said condition(s).  

I then discovered a growing number of medical professionals who became disillusioned with their own industry and broke away from the preventative/primary care insurance model but I then learned, the hard way, that these forward thinking functional/holistic/alternative medical professionals typically charge very high premium rates upfront.  


Health care costs for functional/holistic/alternative medical professionals for many are an unaffordable luxury.  Many are left without any care as the preventative/primary care insurance model throws their hands up in the air when presented with chronic and complex conditions that they either don't acknowledge/understand. 

Yet many of us have learned that paying cash upfront to functional/holistic/alternative medical professionals does not guarantee they will remember your name, your history, your labs, or even the protocols they have prescribed you.  Many a client/patient, who has seen 10+ practitioners in a 3-10 year period, has experienced a poor standard of care with the providers taking on more clients/patients than they can manage without compromising each individuals quality of care... and sadly, it is a common practice that is deemed acceptable (and even encouraged) among functional/holistic/alternative medical professionals.  The functional/holistic/alternative realm has been, and still currently is, like the wild wild west. Where almost anything goes at the expense of the chronically ill clients/patients time, emotional wellbeing and wallet.   

Point blank the preventative care/insurance model has ghosted most of us with chronic complex conditions while handing out a psychosomatic diagnosis, which is code for "we don't know what we are doing", and a RX for an antidepressant.

Yet when hiring a high dollar out of pocket functional/holistic/alternative medical professional the quality of care is most often volatile, emotionally draining, financially devastating and the results are extremely unpredictable at best; leaving many feeling like they are flushing money straight down the toilet!  


After completing my practitioner training with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN-P) I was more in tune with my body and more confident guiding my team of medical professionals to help me.  Thus improving the overall quality of the care I received.  If medical professionals were unwilling to work with me (since I am paying them and they work for me) I fired them, proceeded to learn how to do various I wanted to try without them and/or located another medical professional who was more open and relevant with the times.

This is what inspired me to launch RHG... I want to help others experience better quality care from their chosen medical professionals. Whether one prefers to utilize conventional or functional/holistic/alternative doctors or a combination of all options.  Thus far all the clients I have worked with are very knowledgable, independent and have their own ideas of what they want their health care to look like... and my job is to help clients do just that and in the manner that suits them best. 


I have always been drawn to working with individuals who want to learn how to help themselves and RHG provides the opportunity to make that happen.  I am looking forward to assisting you on your unique health journey helping you find your N=1.


Betsy Maldonado FDN-P


Ready Health Go (RHG) is a Health Consulting Practice that helps clients research any health condition or set of symptoms that is important to them.


Hi my name is Betsy your Health Research Assistant and founder of Ready Health Go (RHG).  I am ready and able to help you with all of the following and more:

1. Research any particular health condition(s) or set of symptoms that are important to you
2. Help you order labs (blood, urine, saliva, stool) your doc may be unable or unwilling to order 
3. Introduce you to therapies/protocols I use and trust and/or new ones on the horizon
4. Referral to medical professionals as needed